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How does cocaine make you feel?

Using cocaine can cause you to feel: delighted, excited, wide awake, confident

Cocaine can raise your sexual appetite also, and some people today take it to have more intense sex, but taking lots of cocaine can actually lower your sex drive.


How long the effects last and also the drug stays in your system depends on how much you have taken, your dimension, whether you have eaten and what other drugs you may have also taken.

When snorted, cocaine may take from approximately 5 to 30 minutes to kick in, whereas the effects of smoking crack are almost instantaneous.

The very first high from cocaine doesn’t last long, approximately 20 to 30 minutes – but this is based on the purity of the cocaine and the individual’s tolerance. You might still experience some physical effects after the large has gone, such as a faster heart rhythm.


Cocaine is risky for anyone with high blood pressure or a heart disease, but even healthy young people can have a healthy or a heart attack after taking a lot of.

The probability of overdose increases should you combine cocaine with other drugs or alcohol.

Over time, snorting cocaine damages the cartilage in the nose that divides your nostrils. Heavy users can shed this cartilage and wind up with one large nostril and a misshapen nose.

Taking cocaine when pregnant can damage your baby, cause miscarriage, premature labor and low birth weight.

Regularly smoking crack may lead to breathing problems and pains in your chest. Sharing needles or other injecting equipment can spread HIV and hepatitis infections also.

Speedballing (injecting a mixture of cocaine and heroin) can have deadly outcomes. A kind of heroin called white heroin, is easily mistaken for cocaine and people have died or been hospitalised after snorting it thinking it was cocaine.

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