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We’re going to be looking at cocaine and answering 4 key questions:

How does this drug act in the body?

What are the risks of using cocaine?

And what’s going to happen if you have too much?

How to buy cocaine online?

Cocaine comes from the leaves of the Coca Plant and it increases neurotransmitter levels like dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline.
Normally, these neurotransmitters send signals through your neurons then get recycled back up into the cells but cocaine inhibits those recycling receptors keeping the neurotransmitters outside the cell where they continue to excite your nervous system.
The result is a feeling of energy and excitement but it can have some serious side effects.


Sigmund Freud buy cocaine

Sigmund Freud used cocaine, and he broadly promoted it as a tonic to cure depression and sexual impotence

In 1884 he published an article entitled “Uber Coca” which promoted the benefits of cocaine, calling it a magical substance.
So the greatest psychologist of all time was a a little bit of a cokehead.
Cocaine constricts your blood vessels which increases your blood pressure and makes your heart require more oxygen to pump blood through the body.
Unfortunately the blood vessels leading to the heart are constricted so the heart is getting less blood.

Simultaneously, the excitement and the euphoria you’re feeling from the  cocaine makes your heart beat faster which means it requires MORE oxygen but it’s not getting enough oxygen in the first place and all of a sudden your heart stops and you die.
This is a worst-case scenario, but it happens.

Other side effects of cocaine include nausea, sweating, confusion, aggression, anxiety and even seizures.

When cocaine is mixed with alcohol in your system it creates this compound called Coca-ethylene which kind of sounds like if you mix coca-cola with petrol and it’s about as healthy as that I mean coke ethylene is really really bad for your heart.

It leads to cardiomyopathy, which is basically a breakdown of your heart muscle and if you are gonna use cocaine just don’t drink alcohol at the same time it’s soo so bad, don’t do it!

In general, if you have a heart condition, cocaine is realy dangerous.

It has a huge impact on your heart and blood vessels, and it could kill you.


Coca cola buy cocaine onlineCocaine used to be the key ingredient in coca-cola until 1903 when public pressure forced the company to remove the drug from its best-selling beverage but it’s still somehow addictive.

Did they even remove the cocaine?

Cocaine is addictive and acts in the reward centre of your brain by blocking dopamine reuptake receptors you get this big hit of dopamine which makes you feel really good but then when the cocaine wears off you want to get that feeling back again.

You want that dopamine hit, that feel-good reward It’s gonna make a use cocaine again.

This is called addiction and it can be deadly here’s why: If you keep using cocaine repeatedly your body responds to it by reducing the amount of neurotransmitter receptors .This is your body building up a tolerance to the drug

As a result, you need to use more of the drug to get the same effect and this increases your risk of suffering from cocaine overdose

which takes us to the next section.

If you have too much cocaine, you will suffer from some serious symptoms including a rapid heartbeat, chest pain, trouble breathing

and you might even pass out. To treat these symptoms, you will require medical attention

A doctor may need to apply a sedative, or they might need to rehydrate you with an IV. Don’t try to treat yourself when you bought cocaine online and overdose, just get to a hospital! and a good way to prevent cocaine overdose is to not use cocaine at all. This is a really dangerous drug and if you have an addiction to cocaine. Please talk to your doctor about it. It could save your life!

Sigmund Freud used cocaine, he was a FEIND!

How to buy cocaine online ?

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Worldwide Cocaine Market. How to buy cocaine online

buy cocaine online market

The global illicit drug trade is worth an estimated half a trillion dollars per year. That’s around one percent of all global trade. And no drug is more linked with money in the popular imagination than buy cocaine.

But where does that money go?

Who’s spending it, and who’s making it?

The coke business generates extreme violence at every stage of its production and distribution. But why?

Why does this one product seem so uniquely connected with violence and warfare?

In this article, we’re following the money. How does the buy cocaine industry actually work?

Why does it function in the way it does? And who bears the responsibility?

How to buy cocaine online?

We will try to answer these questions.

Cocaine market

buy cocaine mapThe three biggest cocaine-producing countries are Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.

So this is where the process of making cocaine all starts.

Some guys come down here to the farms at the crack of dawn, before it gets too hot, bind their fingers in fabric, and literally rip the leaves off the trees. This activity is going on at this time every day all across this region.

Nothing so far exactly screams “multibillion dollar industry.”

The average coca picker can make up to about $50 a week, supporting their families with daily backbreaking labor.

But poverty and rough working conditions are hardly the only things these farmers have to worry about.

This looks like they damaged the landing strip, but they are just using this to put more explosives inside and just blow the whole place up.

So no wonder why the native community is not happy about this.

The US has poured billions of dollars in military aid into the war on drugs in Latin America. For 2019 to 2020, Congress has approved $480 million in aid to Colombia alone, to suppress coca and maintain peace efforts with the left wing rebel factions who use the drug to finance their wars.
Each year, militaries across the region pull up thousands of hectares of coca fields by hand.
But for decades, governments would destroy crops by spraying them with the herbicide glyphosate.

They stopped in 2013, when the Colombian government had to pay Ecuador $15 million in compensation for the severe health problems the chemical spraying was causing families along the border.

Production of cocaine

buy cocaine leafTo make a kilo of cocaine takes about a ton of coca leaves.

Prices obviously fluctuate, but a ton of coca leaves off the farm costs roughly $400.

From the fields, the leaves are transported to labs hidden deep in the jungle, where they’re converted into cocaine paste.

A kilo of raw paste generally goes for somewhere between $700 to $900, around double the price of the raw leaves.

The alkaloid paste is then transported to another lab, where it’s mixed with even more lovely chemicals, turning it into pure finished buy cocaine.

And this is the moment where everything changes, the moment the product passes from producer to distributor, and something unbelievable happens. Buy cocaine Online, Cocaine For Sale, Order cocaine Online, Online Cocaine

That kilo of pure coke that was worth $900 in the South American jungles becomes worth roughly $20,000 by the time it hits the US.

And that’s just wholesale.

By the time that kilo has been cut by dealers and broken up into single grams to sell, it can fetch around $150,000. $400 to $150 grand is a pretty wild markup for any product.

And that price jump is pretty much the key to the whole cocaine business. Because the product is illegal, those coca farmers and jungle lab techs can’t sell it straight to consumers.

The real profit lies in transporting it from the fields of South America to users around the world.

Since Pablo Escobar in 1970s Colombia, the international cocaine trade has been run by cartels. And since the 1970s, those cartels have been getting more and more violent.

Cocaine facts in Mexico

Cocaine flag MexicaIn Mexico, there were over 34,000 murders in 2019.

In the first half of 2020, there have already been over 17,000.

That’s roughly one person being murdered every 15 minutes.

And one of the root causes of this violence is that when drugs are illegal, gangs will fight to control their supply.

What governments have done by prohibiting drugs is they have created a perpetually growing, violent market.

Where police remove one dealer at any level, at street level, cartel level, wherever in the world, there almost always follows violence to compete for that market share. But you can buy cocaine online on this website.

Mexican drug trafficking to the US is estimated to be worth between $19 and $29 billion a year.

The Sinaloa Cartel alone turns over more than three billion.

And this money doesn’t just buy gold-plated guns and hippos for drug lords’ private zoos; it’s used to pay off the police, the military, and the government.

In 2016, 1.9 million Americans reported using coke in the past month. This goes way beyond Wall Street bankers and the Hollywood elite.

Economics drives everything about buy cocaine.

From the jungles of South America, to nightclub toilets across the world, it was the war on drugs that created that price jump from $400 to $150,000.

How to buy cocaine online

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